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Yacht CharterYacht Charter in Turkey along Mediterranean Turquoise Coast, namely Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Gocek.
Our business background comes from years of experience, from working at sea, operating, building, consulting, chartering yachts all over Turkey and Eastern Mediterranean.
Our motto is to stand out with experience and honesty in doing business with dedicated staff who are committed to make sure that you have a great journey and a high quality yacht charter holiday or a blue cruise.

We invite you and your loved ones to join us on a Luxury yacht charter in Turkey, a blue odyssey with a motor yacht, a motor sailing gulet of your choice or a crewed sailing yacht, our Portfolio of megayachts, luxury motor sailing gulets, motor yachts, sailing yachts are well illustrated with photos and details to help you make the right desicion for your long dreamed yacht charter holiday with your loved ones to enjoy deep blue Mediterranean and the Aegean sea.

Yacht Charter

Luxury yacht charter in Turkey with Traditional Turkish Gulets is a time trip which dates upto Ottoman era when the Gulets were designed to carry cargoes into shallow waters and the main purpose were transportation of passangers and the goods between Mediterranean and Aegean ports. During the last 35 years Turkish Gulets are being built for yacht charter Blue cruises and exclusive yachting tourism,

Gulets are considered as world class yachts and are updated with ultimate yacht building technology and highest quality materials, improved their quality with higher standards and amenities in order to set an international aestethical trade mark, which is called Turkish gulet.
Many of our guests prefer to charter a crewed gulet for the highlight of  summer holidays in Southwestern Turkish riviera.

yacht charter

Akasia Yachting proudly illustrates a large portfolio of motor sailing gulets in akasiayachting.com website for our guests whom we consider each and every one as vip. Just one call or an email is sufficient for you to organize an unforgettable getaway on board a luxurious motor yacht, Gulet or sailing yacht, where you and your loved ones will be treated like royalty with a sincere smile and utmost attention.

Luxury Yacht Charter

The new generation motor yachts are built with state of the art technology and due to their fast passage making engines and zero stabilizers they can be very comfortable and preferable when compared to other boats.
as well as the elegance of modern designs using highest quality materials such as Marine grade Aluminium, High tensile steel and epoxy laminated wood as well as interiors and furnitures are crafted with highest quality mahogany or imported hardwoods.
Akasia Yacht charter agency is Located in Fethiye and Gocek, offering best options with motoryachts and luxury gulets to help you choose amongst numerous superyachts of different brand names, size, design and prices.

yacht charteryacht charter in Turkey with custom built super yachts for performance sailing or regattas and special events could be the answer to your prayers. Sailing yachts are being promoted for chartering, crewed sailing yachts are listed in our sailing yacht charter portfolio.
these crewed Sailing yachts are especially prepared for maximum comfort and speed as they are capable of sailing up to 17 knots.

There are large cabins and saloons like motoryachts and a galley where the chef is producing great food onboard . you might be an experienced sailor and if so you can go ahead and take the helm or give us a hand just for adrenaline rush where you will be trated like the captain and not like the crew. We are ready willing and able to serve you with crewed sailing yacht.

Mega Yacht Charter

yacht charterWe are one of the few Mega yacht charter agencies in Turkey and we work with TYBA contracts. Megayachts actually have very limited number of customers which are the fortunate few. We hereby listed our portfolio of Megayachts to serve you megayacht charter options through our web site.

Generally speaking demand for Megayachts are limited compared to other yachts , however sometimes in the high season it is pretty difficult to find them since there are only limited number of megayachts,  we have to relocate them from neighbouring countries such as Greece, Italy and France.
The Megayacht market is high in Turkey and there are more boatyards to respond the growing demand from domestic and international inquiries. We can arrange any yacht through our international brokerage network offering megayachts for every individual demand to satisfy the most exigent customers.

Luxury Gulet Charter

yacht charter Turkish Riviera, southwestern coastal waters are the cleanest in Eastern Mediterranean and mostly sheltered from the northwestern winds of the Aegean sea.
the mainland Anatolia is a natural barrier to strong winds which blows up to 35 kts all over Aegean and causes severe weather conditions compared to Bodrum, marmaris gocek and fethiye where even small ants can drink water. The lush green pine forests all over turkish coastline, Turkish hospitality as well as cheap and good quality food makes Turkey a heaven for sun prayers.

There are no harmful creatures nor toxic waste in our waters where you can swim round the clock. There are soft breezes of 10 knots for perfect sailing and excellent bays and coves for chartered motoryachts and gulets which can be anchored in one yacht only bays for utmost privacy, meanwhile in a short distance you may enjoy the local fish restaurants and discoteques in bodrum, marmaris, gocek, fethiye for a night out to enjoy utmost entertainment.

yacht charterTurkish yachting and tourism industry is building bigger and better yachts proudly showing off those hand crafted gulets and beautiful places as well as motoryachts are being built bigger and better with different imaginations.

The experienced seamen nowadays owners and captains of luxury motor sailing gulets try their best to prepare their Gulets for charter during winter and proudly prepare them for charter industry and seek appreciation of their guests. to share the nature, blue and green beauty of these beautiful pine covered hills down to water line with a soft evening breeze and a fish barbecue acompanied with friendly laughters and music…

Some of the new generation yacht charter guests are interested in powerful motoryachts or megayachts without any limits of luxury and comfort for those who imagine yacht charter as an ultimate escape ground. your charter Broker is to provideyacht charter you with photos and details which you need to know, once aboard all you need to do is relax and enjoy the service.
The yacht crew understand very well that you are the one who pay for all and they will do everything possible to make sure you keep on smiling and be happy with the food and the service and without a doubt the places that you are swimming, All what they expect from you is a soft smile and maybe a generous thankyou in your own language or even better in Turkish which is Teshekkurler …!

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