Antalya yacht marine Antalya To Kalkan Route

In between yacht charter Antalya to Kalkan route there are hundreds of archaelogically concentrated regions in Turkey, between Alanya and Fethiye where early roman civilizations have surged such as Karian and the lycian federation with numerous cities dating 2400 years old. such as Alanya, Side, Aspendos, Perge, Antalya, Phaselis, Olympos, Telmessos, Myra, Arikanda, Andriake, Simena, Antiphellos, Xanthos, Patara. Letoon etc.

These once a bright, Prosperous city countries have many archaelogical remainings and are under the strict protection of ministry of tourism Turkey. yacht charter Antalya to Kalkan route..
Not limited to early greek or late roman civilizations furthermore Byzantium and Selchuk turks then finally Ottoman empire have left traces of civilizations in Southern and soutrhwestern Anatolia.

Antalya To Kalkan Route

The distance from the International airport to Celebi Marina is about 40 minutes drive, we can arrange your airport transfers, Certainly you need to pull the shortest stick in order to get the master cabin… Captain will brief you shortly to show you security measures and general rules to follow onboard, First night we shall stay in the marina and you can enjoy a night out in old town Antalya after having a welcome dinner at the stern deck sipping a good turkish wine. yacht charter Antalya to Kalkan route..

The cruise start earlier than breakfast that takes place near rat island, where you can see byzantian ruins.

Phaselis is stil intact with a Roman bath and an amphi theater, Olympos is one of the greenest valley of the lycian federation, with Olympos river which Homero mentioned as “brave warriors who fought in Troya, coming from the river banks of Olympos” in iliada. yacht charter Antalya to Kalkan route..

later you can see the tomb of the famous Karian pirate captain Eudemos, mounted on the rock with a drawing of a classic design tirhandil and description which says…
He entered the harbour and anchored forever,
thus no hope from the wind nor the sunshine
after the warm sunrise has abandoned captain Eudemos
Buried here like a white foam over the breaking waves.

2 nd. Day

gokkaya kekova bayantalya yacht marinephaselis bay Antalyademre mandraki bay

Captain and the crew are early risers and they start cruising before the breakfast.

it takes 3,5 hours to get to cayagzi delta where sandy beaches and beautiful amphi theatre of myra and the famous St. Nicholas church can be visited . as well as bathing in chrystal clear waters where the cold waters of the river and warm sea water doesnt mix.

Go ahead and walk in to the very source of this Thermal river icy cold, snow melted river with strange minerals which is cure for many wounds and skin diseases. yacht charter Antalya to Kalkan route..

The evening party will take place in Gokkaya where you can go for a walk amongst the safe ruins. yacht charter Antalya to Kalkan route..

3 rd. Day

kekova sunken city bay demre cayagizi bay kekova bay kekova simena castle village

The rich turkish breakfast is in Gokkaya where the lush gren and crazy blue meets with mesmerizing thyme odors near kale village, where you can find many gifts and souvenirs hand made by the locals during winter month, you can easily bargain with the local girls who can speak almost each and every language with a few words to sell their goods.

After the breakfast will take you to sunken city Simena, where you can see the ruins of 2500 years old walls under the water after a major eartquake.
you may visit Kale village like a visit to an open air museum and take breathtaking pictures or if you care for take a lunch where the fresh fish, octopus are prepared with olive oil thyme sauce on a barbecue.

After the luch we have another swimming spot called Kusluk where the aperitives and the evening tea will be served while the crew hoist the sails with a fresh wind on the way to Kekova bays.

4 th. Day

karoloz bay kekova karoloz bay kekova Lycia historical tombsmeyisti island greece

The chef will be preparing a delicious breakfast before you wake up thus all you need is to jump in clear, silky waters to refresh yourself before taking your place at the breakfast table.

after the breakfast we are heading to Kas after passing the greek island Castellorizonte or in greek Meisti in southernmost Kas. The bayindir bay nearby kas is ideal for swimming and watersports however we prefer to go to kas to spend the night for fresh water and provisions supply, while at Kas you can see the Tandem paragliders with adrenaline rush, a unique adventure. yacht charter Antalya to Kalkan route..

Please donot hesitate to ask our crew a bottle of wine and few glasses to drink on the Kas pier against the sunset, we recommend smiley’s restaurant if you care for a dinner over the harbour acompanied with a splendid view where the portions are generous and delicious. Not to mention Kas has many bars and restaurants with live music.

5 th. Day

aqueous island antalyakas yacht marinesazak bay antalyakas bayindir bay

We set sails to ucagiz village after the breakfast being served served at Kas harbour where you can see the lycian tombs as if they are afloat, the water is very clean and refreshing, we shall take you to a near by cove to swim and also take a nap after the lunch. yacht charter Antalya to Kalkan route..

Lets us choose another georgous bay called karaloz to stay overnight, since its a privilege to have a mooring spacxe in Karaloz at night and we have to hurry up to fix our place before the other charter yacht occupy this place.
The chef might offer a delicious fiest to prove that he can prepare varieties of salads, entries, main and dessert, The stars are so bright and they seem so close to touch, listen to the soft music and enjoy the peaceful silence.

6 th. Day

phaselis bay Antalya porto ceneviz bay antalya Antalya phaselis bay maden bay Antalya

You donot need to force yourselves to wake up very early in the morning since the fresh thyme and pine scented shores and clear waters where you can count the pebble stones are calling you to have a swim.

We are already passing the Finike bay, try catching fish in these deep waters with a rappala, if you are lucky you might get a large fish during our sea passage.
What if we anchor at the beach of suluada where you can swim and play with colourful Stones before the lunch and get ready for a smooth sailing with the afternoon breeze.

Our next stop is sazak bay which can be described as a visual fiest, peaceful shores and lush green pine trees settled amongst rocks. The surprise is not over yet, we take you to porto Ceneviz, where we can prepare a barbecue with fresh fish coming from the local fisherman.

7 th. Day

antalya offshoreyacht marine antalyaantalya city

After the breakfast lets go for a walk in Maden bay wher the caretta caretta turtles lay their eggs and the shores are under the protection. not to forget the the little creek and a small river turned this place into a green heaven. Ask your captain to go ashore and walk to the ruins of cirali and continue to famous Chimera where Belloroponthes killed the fire breathing monster chimera. yacht charter Antalya to Kalkan route..

The natural metan gas is coming from every where, you can use your lighter and make fire under the rocks and even make some barbecue with sausages or marshmallow. Olympos mountain is behind you to approve the mythology.

we are heading to Phaselis one of the most beautiful places in southern Turkey. The richest community with 6 talents of silver equivalent income tax in the lycian federation that can be compared to Monaco today… Phaselis with three well sheltered bays is offering an archeological fiest with roman aquaducts, baths a greco –roman amphitheater and half destroyed acropolis.

8 th. Day

kemer beachDate antalya mapAntalya to Kalkan route

The breakfast will take place in this beautiful place with warm sunshine, captain might have decided To heave up the anchor to proceed to Antalya harbour, cruising alongside Tekirova, Kiris, Kemer.

Goynuk and Beldibi Hotels and resorts. the transfer vehicle should be waiting for you to take to the airport.

Make sure you have all your belongings with you before leaving your cabin and shake hands with the crew showing your gratitude.

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