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There are 7 major island groups in Greece such as

Discover Mesmerizing Greek Islands with Yacht Charter in Greece

Aegina in the Greek Islands – Yacht Charter in Greece

This Greece island lies close to Athens. This is probably why Aegina is popular amongst locals as a way to beat the stressful routines of the week. This Yacht charter Greek island is triangular. A visit to this island would greet you with a busy port, fishing boats, stylish yachts, and a beautiful seaside. Tourists who visit the Aegina islands are known to flock to the Aphaia temple and the Agios Nektarios church. This island also has a rich history to its credit. There are even some prehistoric findings that denote the early inhabitation of this island.

Skiathos in the Greek Islands – Yacht Charter in Greece

This Greek island lies in the Aegean Sea. It falls in the Sporades group of islands. The amazing thing about the Skiathos Island remains to be the 70 beaches of complete fun in the sun that includes a nude beach as well. This amazingly green and serene island sees a flurry of activity from July through August.

The golden sands and the inviting waters beckon people from far and wide to visit this beach. The busy town of Skiathos has a bustling nightlife for the partygoers and attractions such as traffic-free shopping areas for the complete shopaholics.

Santorini in the Greek Islands – Yacht Charter in Greece

Yacht Charter in GreeceSantorini falls in the Cyclades group of Greek islands. The island of Santorini had formed due to a volcanic eruption in the past. It consists of volcanic islands and is also known as the Thera or the Thira. Santorini offers spectacular sights, which can make anyone, turn into a creative photographer.

This island also proves to be a great bet if you want a holiday by the beach with some amount of action as well as Romantic sunsets and a pulsating nightlife makes this Greek island a popular choice for many.

Andros in the Greek Islands – Yacht Charter in Greece

Andros lies on the northern side of the Cyclades. It also remains to be an ideal hotspot at the weekends for the locals. Green valleys and the hillsides attract many people for the love of hiking. This island is therefore recommended for those who love to walk and explore the countryside since it has fewer number beaches.

Crete in the Greek Islands – Yacht Charter in Greece

Yacht Charter in Greece

The island of Crete is one of the largest Greek islands ever. Another interesting fact about this island is that it is also the fifth-largest island in the Mediterranean. Although this island is also subjected to overcrowding due to commercial activities, this is surely the place to get that enviable tan! The spectacular island of Crete also has lots of things in store for the avid traveler. Secluded and sandy beaches, villages with the traditional flavor, and various other places worth sightseeing makes this a most sought-after destination.

Corfu in the Greek Islands – Yacht Charter in Greece

Corfu is also one of the most favored Greek islands amongst tourists. This Greek island is in the Ionian Sea. This island is known for its typical music flavor. The twangs of the guitar, the chorus that accompanies, all add to the merry atmosphere of the island of Corfu. If Corfu is the destination on your list, be prepared for loads of sun and sand with plenty of sea sports facilities at this beautiful destination.

Mykonos in the Greek Islands – Yacht Charter in Greece

Yacht Charter in GreeceMykonos rates are very high amongst the top destinations all over the world. This is yet another island that is very popular for its natural beauty and rocking nightlife. This Greek island lies in the center of the Cyclades group. The early years had seen Mykonos be a controversial place with the kind of culture it propagated, but today.

It is very much cosmopolitan and offers a rather bustling kind of holiday. It is no wonder that Mykonos is also famous as one of the top clubbing destinations in the Mediterranean. So if you are a party animal with a love for nature, you would surely know by now, which destination you would need to go to!

Naxos in the Greek Islands – Yacht Charter in Greece

This Greek island is located in the Aegean Sea. It is one of the biggest islands that belong to the Cyclades group. The picturesque locations and the sandy beaches make Naxos a popular destination for many. The crystal clear water and the quaint towns of this island along with sports activities such as windsurfing and kite surfing make it a complete fun package for all!

Paros in the Greek Islands – Yacht Charter in Greece

This Greek island lies in the central area of the Aegean Sea. The main characteristic feature of this island is the fine white marble. This island of Greece has many beaches along its borders. The sandy beaches and the cobblestone alleys all add to the charm of the island of Paros. Paros remains to be a particularly low-key destination although it has beautiful destinations and an atmosphere of complete tranquility. This is also one of the few islands that make large efforts to keep their beaches clean.

Angistri in the Greece Islands – Yacht Charter in Greece

This is a small Greece island amongst the Saronic group of islands in Greece. It is also easily reachable by boats, which are called the ‘Water Taxis’. This name simply means the fishing hook. Angistri proves to be an ideal location if you are on the lookout for some peace and quiet. If you are planning for a lazy holiday that includes rolling on the silken sands and getting some tan, then this location is very apt because there is very little to do in terms of the nightlife or activities, on this island of Greece. Don’t be late for a discover blue with yacht charter in Greece.

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