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The Italian Riviera is preferred by many for its mild climate together with the charm of its old fishing ports and the beauty of its landscape, has made it a popular destination for travelers and tourists and sailing enthusiasts.

Many villages and towns in the area are internationally well known, such as Portofino, Bordighera, Lerici, and the Cinque Terre. Yacht Charter Italy

The part of the Italian Riviera di Ponente centered on Savona, is called the the Italian Riviera of palms, the part centered on Sanremo, is called the italian Riviera dei Fiori flower’s riviera, after the long-established flower industry. yacht charter Italy

Along the Ligurian coast, the Italian Riviera offers a treasure-trove of picturesque ports and villages. San Remo, can be a choice for your yht chaacrter embarkation spot with easy access to Nice airport from italian riviera. yacht charter Italy

San Remo the italian riviera

San Remo is an official Villagio dei Fiori (a town of flowers), and once you get there you will see why. There are several spectacular parks and gardens scattered throughout the town, many of them filled with heady scents.

Take shelter in the Russian Orthodox church San Basilio – this is so pretty. San Remo also offers horse riding, gambling at the Casino, as well as an 18 hole golf course. There are also several busy shopping streets and a great market for those with an itchy wallet. yacht charter Italy

Portovenere and the italian riviera

Portovenere is sited as the westernmost tip of the Golfo di La Spezia. The town is dominated by its 13th century citadel, and quite a few of the colorful houses date back to the same time.

Recommended seeing is the 12th century Church of San Lorenzo and the tiny 6th century Church of San Pietro which sits high on a cliff overlooking the bay and is clearly visible to incoming vessels.

Take your camera. With only a couple of shopping streets and no nightclubs to speak of, this is the way to float gently back to reality. Take a quick trip to the lovely town of La Spezia it has a good selection of shops, bars and restaurants. yacht charter Italy

Portofino and the italian riviera

This port town started life as a fishing village, and although that still shines through, nowadays it has a more polished feel.

All the houses and cafes lining the port are painted in warm, bright colours, and restaurants of varying styles are dotted amongst them and edging the square. You’ll love exploring the tiny streets that wind up the hillsides surrounding the square.
Corsica & Sardinia Charter Yachts

Elba and the italian riviera

italian rivieraFew people fail to fall in love with Portoferraio. Behind the harbour the 18th century buildings in shades of cream and ochre are tucked under the craggy 16th century citadel. The warrens of alleys and staircases are lined with dwellings, shops and restaurants and occasionally lead to unexpected views of the sea behind. Yacht Charter Italy

If you are a student of Napoleonic history, your cruise must include the islands of Elba (Napoleon Bonaparte’s first exile) and Corsica (his birthplace). Elba’s lovely little harbor of Portoferraio is guarded by a 16th century fort.

Corsicans are a fiercely independent lot and have never been open to the idea of turning their mountainous island into an empire theme park. Even in the height of the season, you may find this island unspoiled and its eastern shore beaches deserted. yacht charter Italy

Yacht Charter Italy

Once a sleepy little village, over the years the Riviera influence has seeped into Calvi, but not by much. The old town of Calvi, fortified like so many along the coastlines of Corsica and Sardinia, dominates, and is a great place to wander. yacht charter Italy

There are quite a few events taking place in Calvi over the course of the summer – a regular draw for visitors is the International Pyrotechnic Festival firework display, culminating in a grand show on 7 July. If you miss that, don’t worry – there’s also a Pyrotechnic Festival on 15th August.

The best place to view this is from the Citadelle, but make sure you stake your claim to a prime seat early – the festival attracts around 20,000 people annually.

Ajaccio, Corsica and the italian riviera

As you come into the harbour, you get the best view of the town from your charter yacht, Citadelle and all. Once again, fishing is the year-round money earner here, which means excellent seafood. All along Blvd. Pascal Rossini, the boulevard running along the harbour, are restaurants and souvenir shops, most, if not all selling Napoleon souvenirs.

Let yourself wander up to the town hall and you’ll also find the Napoleonic museum inside – definitely worth a look. For the more serious art buffs or even those who simply know what they like, there is a surprise at the Musee Fesch, just a short walk away: works by Titian, Botticelli and Bellini. It really is a must-see. yacht charter Italy

Bonifacio, Corsica and the italian riviera

One of the best ever yacht charter moments is coming into the straits of Bonifacio at dawn on seas of glass. The air is completely still and cool, and the sunrise makes the cliffs, which are perfectly reflected by the water below, glow peachy bright. The harbour is very small and normally berths a few significant megayachts on any given day during the summer.

There’s a single street of souvenir shops and restaurants along the waterfront, and the rest of the town can be reached via steep roads up to the old town. yacht charter Italy

Bonifacio is known for its churches and convents and is a religious town par excellence.
Spend a day exploring the island of Corsica. It’s possible to spend a day cruising the natural marine park of La Madelena Archipelago which lies between the coasts of Corsica and Sardinia. Stopping maybe in a quiet anchorage for lunch. yacht charter Italy

Porto rotondo, Sardinia and the italian riviera

Hotel Sporting, just off the marina of Portorotondo, is a hideaway for the rich and famous. Although the marina is small for charter yachts, it’s built in the traditional style with local materials, and is a little labyrinthine. Small bars, designer shops, galleries and restaurants are scattered all over the marina and make a pleasant way to spend a few hours.

For the aspiring golfer, you’re also within a stone’s throw of the gorgeous Pevero Golf Course, easily one of the most beautiful courses in the world. But the best way to spend the day is to take the tender over to Cala de Volpe or to Ira beach with a picnic under a beach umbrella.

Porto cervo, Sardinia and the italian riviera

Porto Cervo is a tiny port but it’s always jam-packed with the most beautiful luxury yachts in the world, and frequently, faces known all over the globe. The port is ringed with traditional style residences, in particular the lovely Residence Bouganvillae. Skirting the port and over a pretty little bridge is a small complex featuring bars, shops and restaurants

Yacht Charter Nice Italian rivieraIn stark contrast to the high-profile Portos Cervo and Rotondo, Cala Gonone is situated right at the very edge of the heart of wild Sardinia, Golfo di Orosei and Gennargentu National Park, which are regular spots for all lovers of the outdoors but most of all, climbers. Frequented mostly by Italian tourists, it’s just a short boat ride away from the Grotta del Bue Marino (‘Grotto of the Sea Ox’), one in a series of often massive caves worn deep into the coastline of Sardinia. yacht charter Italy

Although photography is forbidden in the Grotta del Bue Marino, there are many other spectacular caves to explore, and you can do a tour of your own by taking advantage of the yacht tender. From here you have access to dozens of isolated sandy beaches, many of them accessible only by sea (so guaranteed privacy). A great place for a picnic lunch.

Cagliari , Sardinia and the italian riviera

Capital of Sardinia, this is a vital and bustling town has something for everybody. A large selection of restaurants, shops, beaches, bars, watersports options and cultural attractions means that no matter what your mood, you’ll find something to fit. yacht charter Italy

The windsurfing here is really good, and there are secluded little bays all around Cagliari with pretty, white sandy beaches to stretch out on. Or amble through the town, and up to the medieval castle of San Michel, which has a magnificent view of the entire harbour. Check out the 2nd century Roman amphitheatre and the National Archeological Museum.

A private yacht charter destination in Italy that includes the Bay of Naples, Capri and the Amalfi Coast. Sailing yachts, Motor yachts and Mega yachts are all available for charter in this area. Contact our professionals to assist you in finding an ideal your yacht charter Italy

Amalfi Coast Highlights and the italian riviera

Visiting the towns of Amalfi and Positano on your yacht charter is very popular. Built into the hillside rising up from the sea. Amalfi was once an independent country, a seafaring republic engaging in trade with Venice, Genoa and other major city-states of the Mediterranean.

There are small towns on the hillside above the sea, where concerts are held in beautiful villa, for example in Rapallo, well worth a excursion inland for an afternoon from your yacht. The yacht may have a concert schedule aboard and can make the arrangements if you care to attend a concert. Sorrento is a larger town facing Naples. yacht charter Italy

The town stands on a plateau which drops sheer into the sea. The town is charming and the countryside is noted for its citrus orchards, although the major industry is tourism. yacht charter Italy

This island is inhabited by 44.000 people and once was Europe’s Greek colony. Due to her volcanic origins there are many thermal fountains that have made Ischia famous worldwide.

Also known as the ‘Queen of the Mediterranean’. Her livelihood, her many beautiful sites mixed with the scents of her wide variety of flowers, the sounds of the breaking waves and the calls of the sea gulls will for sure become a long cherished memory. yacht charter Italy

Contrary to Ischia and Procida, Capri does not have a volcanic origin. Many centuries ago this island was torn apart from the coast of Sorrento by an earthquake. The magical game of lights in her famous ‘Blue Grotto’ attracts tourists from all over the world.

Yacht Charter ItalyPictured above, and still quite protected from the massive affluence of tourists, in many places of this small island you will feel as if you had travelled back in time. Her colourful houses and narrow walkways will offer you many choices of enjoying this Italian island from a locals perspective. yacht charter Italy

A luxury charter yacht can take you around the Bay of Naples and Amalfi coast with privacy and in luxurious comfort. We have access to every fully crewed charter yacht available in the Mediterranean and aim to be your one stop for charter yacht selection. yacht charter Italy

We are experts in matching our customers with yacht charters that meet their unique and individual needs. With our personal service, you can arrange a charter with us that you will be enjoying Italy in a state of ultra luxury on a mega yacht, motor yacht or sailing yacht charter. Indulge yourself with total comfort. yacht charter Italy

Thinking about a luxury trip to visit some relics of a classical civilization in Pompei, Have you ever considered an extravagant sailing trip around the beautiful island of Capri? We can help you charter the perfect luxury yacht for touring around the islands near Naples and the Amalfi coast.

From determining what size boat you want, to gathering your preferences for your menu for on board, we are the experts in putting together the perfect yacht charter. No matter where you want to go, we can find a charter yacht for you. yacht charter Italy

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