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Glass Bottom Semi Submarine Semi Submarine (1) - master
Ref No5310
Length25.95 m
Asking1.750.000 €
Princess 88 for Sale Princess 88 (1)
Ref No53009
Length26.82 m
Asking4.400.000 €
Contemporary Motor Yacht Contemporary Motor Yacht (1)
Ref No5308
Length47.50 m
Asking18.800.000 €
3 Cabins Gulet she-is-3-cabins-gulet
Ref No0112
Length19.90 m
Asking275.000 €
Gulet Barcelona Gulet Barcelona (18)
Ref No0240
Length30 m
Asking995.000 $
Super Sailing Yacht Super Sailing Yacht for sale master
Ref No9017
Length34 m
Asking4.900.000 €
New Design Sailing Yacht New Design Sailing Yacht master
Ref No0166
Length40.40 m
Asking3.800.000 €
La Passion La Passion Motor Yacht
Ref No5305
Length49.50 m
Tecnomar Motoryacht Tecnomar Motortacht
Ref No5041
Length30,66 m
Asking1.450.000 €
Azimut 88 for sale Azimut 88 for Sale - master
Ref No5254
Length26.70 m
Asking2.200.000 €
STEEL MOTORSAILER YACHT steel-motorsailer-yacht-master
Ref NoM/S 0198
Length50 m
Asking15.000.000 €
22 Meters 4 Cabins Trawler 22 M 4 Cabins Trawler (1)
Ref No5244
Length22.9 m
Asking890.000 €
Motor Yacht Bugari 29m Steel Hull 30 m motoryacht
Ref No5287
Length30 m
Asking2.800.000 €
Cloud Atlas Cloud Atlas (1)
Ref No
Length46 m
Asking6.900.000 €
Ferretti 760 Ferretti-760 motoryacht master
Ref No5306
Length24 m
Asking0 €

New generation Sailing yachts can performance sail as close as 30 degrees to head winds which means they can self tackle and navigate even against head winds and they are as comfortable as motoryachts with their maneouvre under favorable winds. the crew on board of a sailing yachts are very important since they have to be experienced sailors to work in maximum efficiency and harmony. We have groups of sailing passionate people renting sailing yachts with us from 28 to 88 ft and enjoy sailing near Turkish coastal waters…
Buying a GRP ( glass reinforced plastic ) shortly fiber glass yachts has many advantages however the GRP boats has a widely known common disease which is called “osmosis” and you might really want to know if your future yacht has been effected with osmosis, before buying. We can offer you our expertise to help you get a perfect sailing yacht built with GRP, epoxy laminated wood with cold molding, Marine grade Aluminium or HST (high tensile steel.

Yacht For Sale

We sincerely recommend first time buyers either new or used boat, to get a professional help from an experienced captain as an expert. how many guests or family members would you like to accomodate onboard, would it be a motor yacht or sailing yacht or gulet , how long time you would spend on board would you only care for a coastal navigation or want to explore the oceans ? how much would you like to spend ? if you are looking for a used boat then even more important to have an expert checking you potential yacht or lets call it , daddys toy…
from the anchor to chains, engine room and all the extra apparatus which might have, ropes, fenders, electrical wiring , electric motors, pumps, control panels… everything counts. the next step is to calculate how much annual maintanence, fuel, mooring fee and crew wages you might be undertaking in order to know what you are really getting into. not to forget the resale value of your yacht should be maintained as high as possible . this is why we really recommend to have the yacht sales expertised with an expert captain and even take her to a sea trial and pay him up , you will not regret the money you would spend on such expertise.

Yacht for sale

donot forget that there is a saying amongst yacht owners, there are two very happy days, when you first bought her and the next day is when you finally sold her Yachts for sale Turkish motor sailing gulets has a long history behind

the rounded stern or Transom types with superior performance and maneouvrability when sailing however they are the most favorable leisure yachts with their spacious interiors since they are mostly designed for maximum comfort and can be compared with 5 star hotels suits with master cabin accomodations and they are as luxurious as sailing yachts. Lately ultra luxury Gulets built in Turkey and are being sold all around the world, they are preferred for being strong, seaworthy and are built bigger and better each and every year to satisfy the most exigent cruise vacation customers and yacht owners. Akasia yachting can help you locate and buy or help you with a new contruction of a traditional Turkish gulet built with marine type high tensile steel, Aluminium, Composite GRP or epopxy laminated wood according to your taste, price and furthermore to your hearts desire..

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