Yacht Charter in Croatia Yacht Charter in Croatia

Yacht charter in Croatia has more than a thousand islands. All of them are dotted along the Croatian coast of the Adriatic Sea. Some of the islands are larger and inhabited, others are smaller and deserted.

Croatian Islands are popular destinations and they are very well connected by various ferry services – ideal for island hopping during your holiday. At bellow map of Croatia, we pointed to the most popular Croatian Islands – please click on an appropriate name on the map of Islands of Croatia to find out more info about particular Croatian Islands.

Yacht charter in Croatia, with over a thousand islands, islets, and reefs of which 66 are inhabited, yacht charter in Croatia offers everything from nudist beaches to windsurfing, and organic wines to all night dance parties. You can bed down in a boutique hotel or a back-to-basics cottage (without running water and electricity) depending on your pain threshold. It’s also outside the eurozone so your holiday cash may go a bit further than St. Tropez.

Discover The Culture with Yacht Charter in Croatia

A Brijuni archipelago is an attractive group of islands near the Istria Peninsula, with the main islands Veliki Brijun that is Croatia National Park and open to visitors. In recent history, almost every major statesman visited the islands as Brijuni was the residence of late President Tito.

Yacht Charter in Croatia

The Island of Krk is one of the islands in the Kvarner archipelago, in the north part of the Adriatic Sea. Krk is the largest island of the Adriatic Sea covering an area of 409 sq km (38 km length, width up to 20 km). It has a population of about 16 thousand people.

Cres is the second-largest island in the Adriatic. Limestone and dolomite dominate, creating a contrasting littoral karst landscape of occasionally snow-clad peaks and lowland plateaux; gently sloping shorelines and cliffs; lush Mediterannean forest and. Yacht charter in Croatia.

Silba is another small island in the Adriatic Sea, located in the near vicinity of Kvarner Gulf, just southwest of the island of Losinj, in the middle of waters between islands of Premuda and Olib.

Administratively, it belongs to Zadar Archipelago and covers an area of about 15 square kilometers. The Island of Susak is located south of Istria in the Kvarner Bay, about 7km west of the island of Losinj.

It covers an area of about 4 km2 and has about 200 people permanently living on the island. Susak is also called Sansego (in Italian).

Yacht Charter in CroatiaThe  is an island at the very west of Kvarner Gulf. It is one of the smaller islands in the archipelago, divided from larger, Cres, by a small passage, connected by a bridge.

Losinj covers an area of about 75 km2, 30 km in length, where about 8 thousand people permanently live.

Yacht charter in Croatia is one of the islands of the Kvarner Bay archipelago in the north of the Croatian Adriatic Sea.

In addition to the ancient town of the same name, there are seven other idyllic places scattered over the island.

Pag is the island of the North Dalmatian group with a surface of 284,5 km2. Larger settlements on the island Pag are Pag, Novalja, Stara Novalja, Lun, and Caska.

Olib in Yacht charter in Croatia. Olib is an island in the Zadar archipelago, located just a bit eastern of Silba Island. The island itself is very low and flat, with the highest peaks Kalac – only 72 meters and Poljina, 34 m high.

Yacht Charter in CroatiaMolat is an island in North Dalmatia, covered with maquis and pine forests, and is the ideal destination for hermits and those seeking hiking treks among Mediterranean vegetation.

Dugi Otok is well known for its nature park Telascica, a natural extension of the Kornati islands – it is a very long bay about 10km, and width stretches from a very narrow one (about 160 m) to almost 2 km.

Kornati Islands is a group of about 130 islands, islets, and reefs sprinkled in the deep blue sea of the Adriatic covering an area of about 64 sq km. The Kornati archipelago is in Dalmatia, a coastal region of Croatia just across the cities of Zadar and Sibenik.

Brac is one of the largest islands in Croatia. It is separated from the mainland by the Brac Channel, from the island of Solta, and the island of Hvar by the Hvar Channel.

The highest peak of the island is Vidova Gora (780 m) is the highest peak of all Croatian islands.

Hvar is the Dalmatian island located between Korcula Island and the Island of Brac. It is well known in Croatia for its pleasant, very specific climate with a lot of sunshine, very few rainy days, and almost no snow at all.

Yacht Charter in Croatia

Vis is a remote island in Croatian Adriatic, for centuries been famous for its wine. Visitors to the island will find the two small towns of Vis and Komiza full of history with wild mountain scenery and many donkey tracks that can be used for walking.

Korcula Island in Yacht charter in Croatia

The greenest, most independent, and most interesting of Croatia’s 1,000 or so islands, Korcula was a favorite Greek holiday spot over 2,000 years ago. Well known for Korcula Old Town and Moreska sword dance as well as for the reputation to be the birthplace of Marco Polo Yacht charter in Croatia.

Lastovo is the Adriatic island located in the very center of the Adriatic sea. It has rich underwater life as well as a lot of wooden-covered areas.

Lastovo is famous for its fishing resources – bluefish, lobsters, John Dory, etc. The island spreads over 50 square kilometers.

Mljet Island Yacht Charter in Croatia

The Island of Mljet is situated a couple of hours boat ride east from the Island of Korcula towards Dubrovnik. A national park Mljet includes a western part of this green and tranquil island of the Adriatic Coast.

Sipan, Lopud, Kolocep: Elafiti Islands is a group of small islands off the Dubrovnik coast. They include Sipan, Lopud, and Kolocep islands.

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