26m Gulet For Sale
26m Gulet For Sale
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26m Gulet For Sale

The yacht is under refit.

The deck has been ripped off for inspection to change any belts, there are not found for any belt replacement. Recovered with 2 layers of marine plywood with epoxy glued and one layer of epoxy fibre.

Ready for the second layer of epoxy fibre and new teak deck to do.

She was on the land. (01.01.2023)  The all hull underwater lines dismantled. Inspected all underwater line ribs and there is no need for any of replacement. The ribs are oakwood. Added 8 new bolts to the keel for better strength besides already what there is, and added 150 new bolts on the spines too.

The open hull closed with a new strip planking glue system with pine wood. Strip planking ready for bilge paint.  All freeboard has been covered with one layer of marine plywood with epoxy glue and on top of it two layers of epoxy fibre with primary paint applications. Freeboard ready for put putty on and do any colour paint.

Engine dismantled and re-mantled after maintenance from the engineering workshop. A new shaft sleeve has been installed. The engine room needs to be reconditioned. Too large for engine room and crew cabins.
It is better to build a Wall to separate the engine room and crew quarter.

Two cabin toilets and showers have already been renewed with mahogany wood. The other 4 cabin toilets and showers were ripped off and ready for making new.

Most of the ceilings are ripped off and ready for a new ceiling. Superstructure are need to new marine plywood and be paint for any colour. Captain bridge has to be new windows frame.

Two masts need maintenance for cleaning from rust and repainting. Two new masts can be considerable.

Tanks are cleaned and ready for mantling back.

The deck planned a second layer of epoxy fibre and a new teak deck. 30.000 euro (+-)

2x new mast 15.000 euro(+-) or 2x mast reconditioning 6000 euro(+-)

Plumbing 4000 euro(+-)

Generator reinstallation 6000 euro(+-)

Kitchen bench and furniture 8000 euro (+-)

4 cabin bathrooms recondition 10000 euro (+-)

Windlass re-connection pipes, Electric motor, oil tank 2500 euro (+-) 380V

Engine room refitting 7000 euro(+-)

Electrical maintenance 5000 euro(+-)

Second Generator (second-hand reconditioned) 8000 euro (+-)

Carpentry and material for Front sitting, Bridge windows, saloon roof 15000 euro (+-)

Stainless steel work around the boat, new 2xbollard, portholes covers, some others 5000 euro(+-)

2x or 4x New porthole for kitchen 1500 euro (Aluminium)

Outboard inflatable boat reconditioning 7000 euro (+-)

She ensured a total of 220.000 euros and the owner pays this 1300 euros per year. Once the refitting is finished should be insured for 350.000 euros it is better to ask an insurance company.


Technical information:

Hull Material: Wood (Ribs are Oak, Hull is Pine)
Interior: Mahogany
Engine: 360 hp Cummins (Diesel)
Generator: Iveco 22Kw (220V / 24V)
Accommodation: 6x Double en-suite shower and toilet (Guest)
Crew : 3x crew Cabin share Toilet & Shower (Crew)
Total: 9 cabins
Air condition: 6x Home Type A/C
Mast: Steel
Equipment: 4m inflatable service boat, Kayak, Ice Machine,

Her yearly running costs (updated at 21.01.2022)

The Gulet need to drydock every two years by regulations and also for keeping up the conditions. Drydocking and lifting cost is varies depending on the company.  Antifouling paint will be varies depending on the brand. Owner just bought 20kg  JOTUN imperial black for 900 euro. For use once.

She insured total for 220.000 euro and owner pay this 1300 euro per year. Once refitting finish should be insured 350.000 euro and it is better to ask to an insurance company.

Maintenance cost is very difficult to answer. It depending on the usage. Lifting for a month in Fethiye varies about 5000 euro between 15 days to a month.  I winterage considerable for all winter can be 10000 euro(+-)

Our guess lifting and maintenance should be 15000 euro (+-) annually.

Crew: This is varies depending on where would you like to Gulet to keep. In Fethiye a local captain will be asking 1300 euro montly. I suggest one captain should for permanent base and depending on your budget keep a deckhand for permanent base for 12 month too. Two of them will do all workmanship around the boat. Chef and hostess can be seasonally each year. A good chef will ask same as Captain salary but for 6 month and hostess can be arrange from 1000 euro (+)

The costing will gets clear once you have decide where to keep the gullet.

Reference Number0285
Asking Price112.000 Euros
Yacht Availabilityavailable
Length overall26 meters
Hull MaterialWood
Max Draft2.45
Base PortFethiye
Maximum Speed
Crew Cabins1
Guest Capacity12

Machinery & Electronics

Main Engines1 x 360 hp
Engine Hours--
Power Generators1 x 22 kwa
Fuel Capacity3000
Fresh Water6000

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