Exterior (83)
Exterior (83) Exterior master(82) Exterior(121) Exterior master (3) Exterior (108) Bridge Deck Aft Sitting Area Exterior (4) Owner's Deck Aft Sitting Area Tatiana Exterior (4) Exterior (5) Exterior (95) Exterior Beach Club-Staircase Main Deck Saloon (3) Main Deck Saloon (4) Main Deck Saloon (6) Main Deck Saloon master (2) Exterior Beach Club-Staircase 2 Main Deck Saloon Dining (1) Main Deck Saloon Dining (2) Lower Deck Guest Cabin 2 Lower Deck Guest Cabin 3 Lower Deck Guest Cabin3-2 Lower Deck Guest Bahtroom Lower Deck Guest Twin Cabin Main Deck Guest Bahtroom 2 Lower Deck Lobby Exterior (1) Exterior (79) Exterior (89) Beach Club master Beach Club 5 Main Deck Guest Cabin 1 Main Deck Guest Cabin Main Deck Guest Cabin's Bahtroom Main Deck Staircase 1 Owner Deck- Cabin (1) Owner Deck- Cabin (3) Owner Deck- Cabin (2) Owner Deck Cabin Bahtroom Upper Deck Skylounge Upper Deck Skylounge 2 Upper Deck Skylounge 3 Sauna Gym Cinema Room 2 Cinema Room Tatiana Exterior (3) Wheelhouse (2) Wheelhouse (1) Exterior (6) Galley Tatiana Exterior master (2) Exterior (2) Tatiana Exterior master (1)


Tatiana has been sold to Cyprus. She will start to sail South of Cyprus. (26.01.2022)

Currently Shipyard building
1x 74 meters (Which is available for sale immediately)

The 80 meters long Tatiana superyacht was built by Bilgin Yachts in 2021. The excellent superyacht belonging to the Bilgin 263 series will fascinate you with its sharp designs.

Range at economical cruising speed at half load displacement using two engines and one generator: 5000 NM
Displacement (fully loaded) approx: 1325 tonnes

Tatiana Yacht Classification

a) The vessel is to be built under the survey of and in full accordance with the American Bureau of Shipping Regulations for the Classification of Yachts and including all Amendments and Notices issued up until the date of signing of the Vessel Construction Agreement.
b) The class notation shall be: A1, Commercial Yachting Service, AMS, ACCU, RW, (E), COMF +(Y)
MCA Certification

a) This vessel will comply with all of the requirements of LY3 – The Large Commercial Yacht Code Large for vessels 24 metres and over in load line length and the Code of Practice that applies to yachts which are in commercial use for sport or pleasure, do not carry cargo and do not carry more than 12 passengers.
Safety & Pollution Requirements

a) Construction will comply with all relevant COLREG and IMO regulations.
b) At completion, a MARPOL pollution and sewage certificate will be delivered.
Anchor Windlasses

a) Two electrical vertical windlasses, make Hidromarin or equal, with 7,000 kg pull.
b) Gypsy kit for diameter 26mm stud-link calibrated galvanized chain.

a) 2 x 970 kg galvanized steel anchors “Pool-TW”-type high holding power, (size to be Class approved) shall be provided and installed
Anchor Chains

a) 2 x 192,5m 26 mm diameter calibrated galvanized U3 stud-linked chain, to be located in chain locker.
Chain Compressors

a) Two polished 316L stainless steel chain compressors to be mounted on base-plate on main deck.

a) Two Hidromarin or equal hydraulic vertical capstans will be installed
Fuel Transfer System

a) Fuel can be transferred via the following pumps:
• Electrical pump by Azcue Bombas, capacity 12 m3 per hour;
• Electrical pump Azcue Bombas, capacity 12 m3 per hour;
• A centrifugal fuel separator, non-self-cleaning.
b) A volume counter calibrated in liters with a totalizer to be inserted in the discharge side of the fuel transfer system.
Fuel Separator

a) A centrifugal fuel separator GEA Westfalia, 400 volt, 3 phase, 50 Hz. with a pump
Toilet System

a) JETS vacuum toilet system, with freshwater flushing.
Treatment Plant

a) Located in the engine room, a sewage treatment system will be installed in the engine room.

a) 24 toilets, JETS model, for all bathrooms.

a) The hydraulic systems will be for:
• The garage tender beam crane
• Jetski deck crane
• The garage door systems
• The beach club and transom door systems
• Rescue Boat Deck doors
• Side Boarding Ladder
• Gangway/Passerelle
Main Hydraulic Power Pack

a) The main hydraulic system shall be dedicated to running the stabilizers.
b) The electro-hydraulic power-pack shall be driven by two 30 HP, 400 VAC, 3-phase, 50 Hz electric motors and a dedicated control box.
Air Conditioning System

a) The compressor units shall be CruiseAir
b) There shall be a five-compressor units sequence operating to provide tempered water for a chilled water line to the individual evaporators in each cabin.
c) The compressor units shall be Scroll-type 400 VAC, 3-phase, 50/60 Hz with a total cooling capacity of 1,260,000 BTU.
Fan Coils

a) Two fresh air makers shall insure the distribution all over the vessel of dry and pre-cooled fresh air coming from outside the vessel.
Hydrophore Pumps

a) There will be two G&R or similar 400 VAC, water pressure pumps. A quiet operation will be assured.
b) One pressure accumulator tanks of about 250 l. (air chamber/diaphragm type), working/ test pressure 4/7 bar, will be mounted to keep the system pressurized.
Hot Water System

a) The system to be fitted with four 250 l., 15Kw DIKO or equal duplex steel hot water boilers, connected in series.

a) Two water makers, with an output capacity of 2 x 20m3 or a total capacity of 40,000 liters per day, will be installed.
Consumer Water Treatment System

a) Prior to being distributed to the consumers, the water shall pass through a freshwater treatment system, suitable for a freshwater flow of 4 m3 per hour.
b) The system shall consist of:
• A 5-micron cartridge filter that will remove all suspended solids in the water flow larger than 5 microns in size.
• An activated carbon filter to adsorb a very wide range of unwanted tastes and odours in the water.
It will in addition de-chlorinate the water.
• An anti-scaling unit, to reduce to a great extent the calcium scale build-up on water heaters, pipe work, shower nozzles, etc.

a) There will be two centrifugal pumps installed in the vessel to run the bilge and fire system:
• 1 Centrifugal pump in the engine room : Azcue Bombas, 400 VAC, 4 kW
• 1 Centrifugal pump in Technical room: Azcue Bombas, 400 VAC, 4 kW
Oily Water Separator

a) A RWO bilge oil/water separator, or equal, with a capacity as per the rules and regulations, shall be installed in compliance with MARPOL and MCA rules and regulations.
Water-Mist Fire Extinguishing System

a) An automatic water mist extinguishing system with pressure pump and copper piping Ultrafog or equal shall be installed throughout the accommodation of the vessel.
Low-Pressure Air System

a) Three screw-type air compressors shall be installed for general service and SCR system urea dosing.
Both shall be single-stage, pressure oil-lubricated, air-cooled. The working pressure is to be set at 10 bar to cut-in/out at (+-) 5%

Reference Number5426
Asking Price95.000.000 Euros
Yacht Availabilitysold
Length overall80 meters
Hull MaterialSteel
Max Draft3.50
Base Portistanbul
Maximum Speed19
Crew Cabins4
Guest Capacity12

Machinery & Electronics

Main Engines2 x MTU 16V 4000 M73
Engine Hours
Power Generators3x G&M Tex 210kw 1x G&M Tex 150kw 400V
Fuel Capacity168000
Fresh Water48000

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