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Even though it looks very pleasant and well paid, it is not for everyone to work on a luxury yacht, Yacht crew has to be always ready to attend the guests and should be willing to work extra hours when serving valuable guests. be alert and never leave the yacht unattended, even if you are inside the marina with mooring lines and fenders, an incoming yacht which might be mooring alongside may easily harm your yacht or in the night at the anchorage, the ships anchor may be dragging and consequences can be serious.

Yacht Crew in Turkey

Yacht owners rely on their crew for the well being of their yacht, thats why owners are naturally very picky when it comes to choose the right crew. Yacht owners normally should choose the captain and ask him to pick his crew in order to perform better with his/her Please contact us via crew aboard when looking for qualified yacht crew. International Yacht Crew Placement Agency in Turkey with 21 years in Business can provide you with reliable, experienced captains and qualified yacht crew, whenever and wherever you need them. Turkish Yacht crew may simply fill in the forms and leave their Curriculum Vitae in our site which is

Akasia yacht crewing agency has been around since 1990 and serving yacht owners to find reliable yacht crew for their private or commercial charter yachts. we proudly announce to provide honest, hardworking yacht crew, as Captain, chief mate, Engineer, chef, able seaman, deckhand, maid and stewardess who are preselected and professionaly trained to avoid unpleasant presence of inadecuate yacht crew onboard a luxury yacht.
We have two yacht crew web sites (crew aboard) for International yacht crew and ( Yat personeli ) for Turkish crew which are preselected yachtcrew that we can undertake the well being of your boat and the maintenance in pristine conditions of the yacht. We make sure that you donot have to worry about looking for a Captain, engineer, chef steward, deckhand, steward, stewardess, housekeepers.
We also provide experienced yacht delivery crew all around the world. Akasia yachting green reference is  given to most reliable and hardworking yacht crew, since we are insiders of the industry and we know who is who and how much is worthed each and every yacht crew we propose you. if you are looking for Professional and reliable yacht crew please contact us via email. crew aboard
yacht-crewQualifications and certificates that every yacht crew need is Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW95) is a must for making a career in yachting and The yacht crew simply cannot be hired without the adecuate certification and licenses. STCW certification is mandated for all positions on board which have a safety role in the crew muster list for emergencies, literally for every crew member on board. yacht charter

Yacht Crew in Turkey

If you plan to work your way up to Yacht Captain, engineer or chef, then obtain further training, licensing or certification that does not necessarily needs to be done right away. The experience you gain onboard as yacht crew can be more useful, plus it will help you better identify the appropriate training and courses you may wish to take at a later time. If you are considering working in the interior get as much restaurant and bar experience as possible. Silver Service experience is more important but even a food and beverage or housekeeping department experience can help as qualified yacht crew. for engineering jobs as you may be called on to fix anything from the electric toilets to the air conditioning and to the generators. Experience of refrigeration, electronics, hydraulics and welding will be of beneficial in your career and nowadays more and more yachts have been running by onboard computers that a good knowledge of computers and computer networks will always serve you well as super yacht crew in Turkey.

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