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Motor Yacht Matilda as the first example of A-PLUS yacht in Bosphorus , the Luxurious Yacht Matilda is designed with special lodges and seats providing superior comfort, and it offers its guests the opportunity to discover and experience unique historical beauties of the Bosphorus in an exciting and cosy ambience with a completely exclusive concept of service.
It will remain as an unforgettable memory for your and your precious guests to have your A PLUS Parties and Organizations at a privileged address, Yacht Matilda, in an unbelievable harmony of the deep blue sea with the clear blue sky or, after sunset, in Istanbul nights accompanied by the moon and sea sparkles…
Dedicated to the motto that “Quality is never a coincidence, but the result of a smart effort”, we provide all of our services in such a manner that our guests always will feel the same quality in any concept they will prefer.
The Mega Yacht Matilda will continue to service to its guests of private, corporal, and party and protocol organizations in summer and winter seasons in 2010 too. You will enjoy experiencing Istanbul, the European Capital of Culture, from a different aspect once again, by combining the unmatched tastes of the Turkish and World kitchens which are performed by the distinguished catering companies and stylish executive chiefs with Bosporus view.

Weekly Charter Rates

Low Season0
Mid Season0
High Season0

General Specifications

Length Over All42 meters
Guest Capacity135
Guest Cabins---
Cruising Speed10
Maximum Speed13
Fuel Consumption70
Water Toys--

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