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Include Bimini in your Bahamas yacht charter vacation. Only 45 nautical miles from Miami, where you’ll find a different world, slower-paced and laid back. International Bahamas yacht charter Group will find you the perfect crewed charter luxury yacht for your perfect Bahamas yacht charter vacation. After you settle into a peaceful anchorage or one of the marinas in Alice Town on North Bimini, try your hand at sport fishing aboard your charter yacht’s tender. These are the legendary grounds on the eastern edge of the Gulf Stream, fished by Ernest Hemmingway.

Not into sport fishing? Then snorkeling in clear turquoise waters just off the beautiful white sandy beach at Alice Town might suit you better. If you feel more adventurous, snorkel on coral reefs offshore where you’ll swim with thousands of multicolored tropical fish. For those who want to explore the steep coral walls off the coast of Bimini, we can find you a charter yacht equipped for experienced scuba divers as well as water toys that allow even beginners to experience the underwater world of the Bahamas yacht charter.

Dive on shipwrecks or search for Atlantis at the Bimini Road. Your Bahamas yacht charter captain will know the best diving spots in the Bahamas. If other water sports are your interest, your Bahamas yacht charter will have the equipment and the crew can help you learn.

Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas and centrally located on the island of New Providence is the ideal place to begin and end your yacht charter vacation in the Bahamas. The Nassau International Airport and adjacent private jet port are easily accessed from the United States and Europe. You and your guests can board your chartered yacht at the marina at the world-famous Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island.

Bahamas Yacht Charter With the assurance of Akasya Yachting

Bahamas Yacht CharterAkasia Yachting knows which yacht is perfect for you to fulfill your dream of the ideal vacation in the Bahamas yacht charter. Before your Bahamas yacht charter takes you to the more remote islands, spend some time enjoying the high life in Nassau. You can be entertained for days at Atlantis, with its 35 restaurants and lounges, waterscape exhibits, lagoons, pools, spa, and casino.

Or you may want to visit some of the other attractions on Paradise Island such as the Cloisters and Versailles Garden, part of the original development of the island by Huntington Hartford.

Then cross the harbor to the city of Nassau on the “mainland” of New Providence. Browse the shops along world-famous Bay Street, or walk to the top of the Queen’s Staircase. Visit the forts of Montague, Fincastle, or Charlotte, all built in the 18th century when pirates ruled.

Your Bahamas yacht charter crew can take you on a tour of the harbor in the tender. Walk along a secluded beach or snorkel on the reefs at nearby Rose Island. This is a taste of what is to come. But here close to Nassau, after you pass the day walking along pure white sandy beaches and snorkeling amongst tropical fish, you can still spend your evenings in high style in the city or at the Atlantis Resort.

After cruising to the far-out islands of the Bahamas yacht charter will return you to Nassau and the Atlantis Resort. Plan an extra day or two to pamper yourself hereafter the slower-paced cruising in the out islands. After the high life of Nassau, you’ll look forward to visiting the world-renown Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. Here is a quieter place, with pristine beaches, turquoise water in unimaginable variations, and protected coral reefs for your snorkeling pleasure.

bahamas yacht charterThe diverse population of fish, wildlife, and natural vegetation is protected within the boundaries of the park, where nothing may be removed from the water or land.

Stop first at Shroud Cay. Snorkel in crystal clear water, take a kayak or small tender through the shallow mangrove-fringed creeks on the interior. Continue to the ocean side where you’ll find a perfect beach, all to yourself. Or land the yacht tender on the nearby exquisite beaches at the Hawksbill Cays.

A must stop in the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park is Warderick Wells, where your charter yacht can moor near the park headquarters at the center of activities, or you may prefer the more secluded south anchorage. The yacht’s tender can take you to spectacular diving sites in the “Wide Opening,” or south to outlying small cays.

Snorkeling at the nearby coral reef gardens will reveal an abundance of lobster, huge grouper, and a myriad of colorful reef fish for an unforgettable experience. Take a picnic on a deserted beach.

Spend the afternoon walking the cleared paths on Warderick Wells to appreciate the diversity of the natural environment of the Bahamas yacht charter. Perhaps you will find ruins of a loyalist plantation abandoned centuries ago. Then anchor at Cambridge Cay.

Snorkel on more beautiful coral gardens, picnic, and swim at more deserted white sand beaches. Finally, snorkel into the caves at the nearby Rocky Dundas where the stalactite and stalagmite formations are eerily lit by overhead holes in the rocks.

Your charter yacht captain will know all the best spots to visit in the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. There are many more. International Yacht Charter Group will find the perfect yacht and crew for you.

Freeport, and Lucaya

Lucaya BahamasFreeport on Grand Bahama Island is the gateway to the Bahamas for your ideal Bahamas yacht charter vacation. The Freeport International Airport is easily accessed from the major US and European cities. Most charter destinations in the Bahamas yacht charter can be included in a vacation beginning in the Freeport area. Nassau, Abaco, Eleuthera, and the Exuma Cays are within close range.

Or you may just want to lay back and spend several days exploring Grand Bahama.
The busy commercial city on the Island of Grand Bahama is Freeport, but the yachting destination here is Lucaya which can be reached from the Bell Channel on the southern coast of Grand Bahama where you will find two first-class luxury marinas.

The main action is centered around the Port Lucaya Marina, but if you prefer a quieter pace you might stay at the Lucayan Village Marina.
Relax and be pampered by the crew aboard your Bahamas yacht charter. Then take in the Marketplace with its106 shops, restaurants, and bars. If you are looking for casino action and shows, head to Freeport (by taxi) to the Bahamia Resort and Casino and the International Bazaar.
Your charter yacht captain and crew will suggest watersports and local watering holes for you to enjoy in Lucaya.

Swim and walk the perfect beach on the south side of Grand Bahama, or take the tender to dive sites offshore for snorkeling or scuba diving. Try out the charter yacht’s water toys—the crew will show you how.

Let us help you organize the Bahamas Yacht Charter and find the perfect luxury charter yacht just for you, with a knowledgeable captain and crew, and all the accessories for fun, for your perfect Bahamas yacht charter vacation.

Bahamas Yacht Charter, Your Cruise Begins on Grand Bahamas island

Akasia Yachting can perfectly organize your Bahamas yacht charter with a knowledgeable captain who will help you choose the best destinations. Fly into the Freeport International Airport to board your luxury charter yacht at the Port Lucaya Marina.

It’s in the center of activity at the famous Port Lucaya Marketplace, with its 106 restaurants, bars, and shops. If you prefer, meet your Bahamas yacht charter in a more secluded location, the luxurious Old Bahama Bay Marina and Resort at quaint West End, Grand Bahama. The taxi ride from Freeport is quite an experience!

Linger awhile at Old Bahama Bay.

Swim in the clear pool overlooking the sparkling ocean, go sport fishing in the Gulf Stream, or snorkeling on offshore reefs. Ask about the nearby bonefishing flats. Walk the nature trails. The shallow banks of the long white beach are perfect for snorkeling or kayaking, windsurfing, or whatever is your water toy of choice. Your charter yacht’s experienced crew will show you how. If you are staying in Lucaya, visit a Bahamas National Park at the Rand Nature Center, the Lucayan National Park, or the Peterson Cay National Park. Go snorkeling or scuba diving.

Some of the best diving in the Bahamas can be found nearby off the southern coast of Grand Bahama. Or just lie on the white sand beach in the gentle breeze. After spending your days enjoying the natural wonders of the Bahamas, and being pampered by your charter yacht’s crew, dance all night at the Port Lucaya Marketplace. From Lucaya, you might choose to head for the high life at the Atlantis Resort in Nassau, or to Harbour Island, Eleuthera.

But stop first for a night at a secluded anchorage in the northern Berry Islands. You might be the only yacht there.

Eleuthera Island

Bahamas Yacht CharterAboard your luxury motor yacht, the Island of Eleuthera is a short distance from the excitement of Nassau, but here at Harbour Island, you enter another world.

Walk in the footsteps of the Eleutheran Adventurers, the first permanent settlers of European ancestry in the Bahamas, who settled here in 1648. You will be surrounded by the same quiet beauty they found, walk along the famous perfect pink sand beaches, swim in the sparkling surf, snorkel, or scuba dive on coral reefs, sport fish in the ocean.

But now you can ride a golf cart through narrow streets lined with Bentonville’s and quaint brightly colored houses, browse through small exclusive shops, and enjoy your yacht’s water toys.

And all the while luxuriate at an island-style yachting resort that caters to charter yachts such as yours. we will find the perfect yacht for your Bahamas charter, with a captain who can show you around like Harbour Island and other ideal destinations for your cruising pleasure.
While Harbour Island is the place to be aboard the yacht, other locations on the Island of Eleuthera might be of interest for sightseeing from your yacht’s tender or for an anchorage place.

The fishing community of Spanish Wells is nearby, as is the famous Glass Window, a narrow natural arched rock formation with a road atop, separating the shallow turquoise banks from the deep indigo ocean. An anchorage at quaint Governor’s Harbour or off the eerie deserted ruins at Royal Island might complete your Eleuthera cruising experience.

Abacos and Marsh Harbour

Bahamas Yacht CharterThe Abaco Islands are part of the northernmost Bahamas, best visited aboard a charter yacht in the warmer spring and summer months. The ideal cruising ground with the most diverse activity is found in the southern Sea of Abaco, with Marsh Harbour on the island of Great Abaco being the center of the Hub of the Abacos.

Begin your Bahamas yacht charter here with a flight into the airport at Marsh Harbour, where easy daily connections are made from Nassau and Florida. Use Marsh Harbour as a base to snorkel or scuba dive on the long and lush barrier reef fringing the out islands of Abaco. The crew could take you in the tender to the nearby boat-building island community of Man O’ War, with its perfect beach, shops, and island restaurants.

The captain might suggest a spot to dock your charter yacht in Hope Town, Elbow Cay. Climb to the top of the famous candy-stripe lighthouse, then stroll quaint picturesque streets, with museums, shops, and restaurants. Later, anchor at Tahiti Beach to snorkeling nearby, or lunch at Lubber’s Quarters. Surfers can catch a few rides on the ocean side of White Sound on Elbow Cay.

Head south to anchor your charter yacht at Lynyard Cay. Snorkel the protected reefs at Sandy Cay, visit the artists’ colony at Little Harbour, party at Pete’s Pub or look for Blue Holes in the Bight of Old Robinson. Or head north to Guana Cay, for the famous Nipper’s Sunday Pig Roast. Everyone will be there! Snorkel the beautiful reefs just off Nipper’s Beach. Anchor in placid Baker’s Bay at the tip of Guana Cay with its shell islands and spectacular ocean beach opposite Baker Bay’s quiet lagoon.

Play golf at the Treasure Cay Resort, or swim at its perfect three-mile-long beach. There’s plenty to do in the Hub of the Abacos and the best way to do it is aboard a crewed luxury charter motor yacht. International Yacht Charter Group will find the perfect yacht and crew for your perfect Abaco charter.

Bahamas Yacht Charter

George Town’s Elizabeth Harbour on the Island of Great Exuma is the perfect place to stage a yacht charter to the far “Out Islands” of the Bahamas. Winter and spring are the favored seasons here. Perhaps you’ll stay a few nights at the new Four Seasons Resort at Emerald Bay while you’re in George Town. Anchor your charter yacht in Elizabeth Harbour to savor Great Exuma’s perfect beaches, bonefishing, snorkeling, watersports, and scuba.

Play golf at the exclusive Four Seasons Resort at Emerald Bay, or schedule a guided tour of Great Exuma. Then you may just be ready for a getaway down the island. Your charter yacht’s captain knows the best destinations to make your Bahamas charter as perfect as your dreams. At Cat Island climb to The Hermitage, built by Father Jerome on the highest point in the Bahamas.

Or set your sights on San Salvador as did Columbus in 1492. Sportfishing for marlin is now popular here. Next visit Conception Island, a protected national park. Anchor off its pristine beach in the clearest water in the world. Snorkel or scuba dive its four-mile-long reef or swim from your charter yacht’s anchorage to snorkel on a nearby coral head.

Shelling and beachcombing will yield treasures. Take a tour in the tender of Conception Island’s interior creeks to see juvenile turtles and sharks; then explore the spectacular east side of this remote uninhabited paradise. Rum Cay with its out island style small marina at Sumner Point offers diving, surfing, beaching, and dining. Scuba dive on the wreck of the HMS Conqueror, the Royal Navy’s first steam-powered ship, just off the southeast tip of Rum Cay at Sumner Point. Then check out the late-night happenings at Kaye’s in Port Nelson.
On Long Island’s eastern shore the jewel of Clarence Town welcomes. The landscape is dominated by two squat sparkling white churches, built by Father Jerome long before the Hermitage at Cat Island.

The intimate Flying Fish Marina will be your base in Clarence Town, Long Island. You may be in the Out Islands, but you are surrounded by luxury, fine wine, and superbly prepared meals on your very own island paradise which is the stern deck of your charter yacht. Let Akasia yachting arrange the perfect one for you.

bahamas-yacht-charterDown island from the Bahama Out Islands is the separate nation of The Turks and Caicos. Like the Bahamas, it has long been a part of the British Commonwealth, but unlike the Bahamas, it remains so. Overall, it is a prosperous nation undergoing a huge growth in the economy, tourism, and vacation homes for international residents.

The main center of population and business is Providenciales, known as “Provo.” The climate is generally warmer in winter than in the Bahamas, and temperate at other times of the year.

The land is low, without much vegetation. Its beauty lies in the vast shallow banks, long perfect beaches with picturesque outlying cays, the undersea world of its shallow reefs as well as its steep coral walls, and its picture-postcard sparkling turquoise waters.

In a bold step to preserve the national treasure of the environment, the government has preserved numerous National Marine Parks as well as land reserves, historical sites, and sanctuaries. Anchoring is permitted only in designated areas and limited in others.

No fish or conch may be taken. The primary area for yachts in the Turks and Caicos is Provo, with an excellent anchorage at Sapodilla Bay on the south and dockage at the Turtle Cove Marina on the north. The Provo International Airport provides easy access.

Besides the attractions of perfect anchorages, spectacular snorkeling, scuba diving, beachcombing and swimming, and all the yacht’s water toys, your vacation charter might also include whale watching at the nearby Mouchoir or Silver Banks. 

Here huge pods of humpback whales with calves frolic during their spring migration north. You will need the right yacht for this with a captain who knows when and where the humpbacks arrive at the Mouchoir and Silver Banks.

Akasia Yachting will find you the perfect charter yacht to fulfill your dreams of the ideal vacation in the Islands of the Turks and Caicos, during year-round perfect weather.


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