37m Sailing Yacht
40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned
40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned (6) 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned (3) 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned Layout 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned (1) - master 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned (1) 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned (2) 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned (4) 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned (5) 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned (7) 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned (8) 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned (9) 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned (10) 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned (11) 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned (12) 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned (13) 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned (14) 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned (15) 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned (16) 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned (17) 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned (18) 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned (19) 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned (20) 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned (21) 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned (22) 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned (23) 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned (24) 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned (25) 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned (26) 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned (27) 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned (28) 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned (29) 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned (30) 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned (31) 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned (32) 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned (33) 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned (34) 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned Layout - 2 40m Sailing Yacht Abandoned Layout -

37m Sailing Yacht

36.80 m Rina class steel hull sailing yacht is available for sale as an ongoing project. Welding works are carried out by Rina  approved welders.
The awesome hull is coated with steel putty and prepared for primer painting .  the Bulkheads and floor plan separations are already in place , she needs electric works , piping, hydraulic system , engines to be installed and the interior carpentry has to be done as per the new owners desire.  She is designed for unlimited circum navigation worlwide and her hull is first class Hst (High Tensile Steel) very strong and seamless hull for a perfect schooner.

Dimension and Principal Characteristic of The Vessel:

LOA : 36,80 mt
LWL : 28,20 mt
Beam : 7,60 mt
Depht : 3,50 mt
Design Draught : 1,70 mt
Displacement : 160 tonnes
Main Engine : 2 x 500 Hp FIAT IVECO ( C13 ENTM50 ) 2.000 rpm
Max Speed : 10 knot
Service Speed : 7 knot
Gear Box : 2 x ZF 350 3/1
Genset : 1 x 22 kwa Albo Marin – 1 x 24 kwa Albo Marin
Fuel Capacity : 10.000 lt
Fresh Water Capacity :7.500 lt
Grey Water Capacity : 4.000 lt
Black Water Capacity : 2.800 lt
Masts : 1 x 28 mt Steel , 1 x 34 mt Steel
Cabins : 2 x Master Cabin + 3 x Double Cabins


Hull and decks will be built in steel, A grade shipbuilding steel.
Suitable girders are to be used to maintain overall longitudinal strength of the vessel.
All tanks are to be integrated into the structure as a double bottom, suitable cofferdamsare to be provided and all tanks will be provided of appropriate inspection manhole and will be internally coated with appropriate coating in accordance with theiruse.
Particular care to be taken over provision of adequate limber and drainage holes in the internal stiffening.
Deck stowage lockers will be arranged and built into the superstructure where possible, and are to be provided with suitable watertight covers (with locks) and with appropriate drainage arrangements.
Where possible, double continuous welding to be used.
Arrangement for examination, for access, and for cleaning and painting will be provided for all compartments in "pockets" in the vessel by means of permanent ladders, doors, manholes etc. Battens and ceiling holds, storerooms and other spaces, and protective casings around pipes will be made readily removable for this purpose.

Superstructure will be built in steel, A grade shipbuilding type.
Scantlings and the construction arrangement of the superstructure shall be in accordance with Naval Architect indications and will be similar with hull construction.

General Outfitting
Chain locker to be positively self stowing for an amount of 120 meters 16 mm diameter chain. Chain pipes are to be of stainless steel construction

Thermal and Acoustical Insulation
The hull sides, ceiling and the whole of the superstructure will be covered internally with a layer of rock wool.

All interior and exterior finishes are to be painted and protected in keeping with the good yacht standards and practices. Materials used shall be of the most resistant qualities, and should be two component polyurethane for all external finishes. The paint and filler manufacturer will be Teknomarin or equivalent. The whole preparation, fairing and paint process will be executed under manufacturer approval. The filler fairing on top sides will be as per international standards for this type of yacht. At the bottom, epoxy primer coating and Anti-fouling paint will be applied.

Interior Furniture
There will be 5 cabins in the boat, one master, 3 double and 2 master .All cabins will have their own bathroom. Accommodations and common areas will be paneled with plywoods which has veneer of Oak or other equivalent wood selected by owner, satin finished. Some areas will have wall covering. Counter tops generally are Ceramic.

Teak Deck
Exterior main deck to be planked with Iroko teak wood.

Hatches and Portholes
All external hatches to be weather-tight on decks, made aluminium or stainless steel . They are to have easy to operate closing devices, be close fitting and have aesthetic appearance. Portholes will be aliminium or stainless steel.
Flat toughened glass aluminium hatches and portholes shaped as shown on drawing.

Outfitting General
One horizontal bronze hydraulic anchor windlass will be fitted, HIDROMARIN or Data with warping drums.
Two 140 kg cast steel anchor painted with epoxy paint will be fitted. Two galvanized steel calibrated chain will be fitted, diameter 16 mm and lenght 100 meters .
Engine Room, Propulsion and Control
2 Diesel Engine - 500 HP
Water lubricated shafting system, with shafts made of Stainless Steel and with stern tubes of stainless steel with standard stuffing boxes. Shaft diameter sized as per Engineer calculations, shaft deflection and engine manufacturer's requirements. A propeller, three or four fixed blades, moderately skewed back and designed for highest efficiency
Two stations mechanic wire remote control system will be fitted. Data or equivalent hydraulic steering system will be installed.
A Hydraulic power unit clutch driven from main engine will be installed by Data or equivalent.
Separ or equivalent fuel filters will be fitted for each engines and gen-sets.
EBARA, FEITH, JABSCO, TMC, Rule or equivalent pumps will be installed to the required system according to system.
Suitable engine room ventilation system will be fitted with fans. Engine room door will be water and fire resistant, made painted steel.

Tanks, piping and plumbing
All tanks will be integrated into the structure, with manhole. All tanks connected to acentral vent line just below main-deck level leading up to the suitable distance from deck level. Tanks will be equipped with a local levelindicator.
Each piping system is to be provided with sufficient valves and cocks to permit adequate control of flow and to provide satisfactory isolating for maintenance of equipment, piping components and instrumentation. International standard shore connections are to be provided for the filling of fuel and water, and for the discharge of sewage.
Systems are to be designed such that pipe lengths and fittings can be removed with minimum disturbance to other equipment, systems or fittings. Piping is to be so designed to allow for stress due to thermal movement and deflection due to vessel's working and to be adequately protected against mechanical damage. Piping material will be as follows:
Seawater Cooling Steel, Fuel Oil Steel, Bilge Galvanized Steel, Fresh water (cold) PPRC, Fresh water (hot) Aluminium Shilded PPRC, Deck wash&fire Galvanized Steel, Sanitary Discharge (Black and Grey water) PVC, Hydraulic Steel, Exhaust pipes Stainless Steel, Deck Drainage and scuppers PPRC.

Electrical Systems
The electrical equipment, wiring, fixtures, etc. and the installation shall be in accordance with Flag authority. Operation to be easy, self explanatory and fool proof for electrically unskilled personnel. The electrical system installed shall be to the requirements of the Recreational Craft Directory and shall generally consist of a 220 volt AC system and a 24 V DCsystem.
There will be two generating.

Service battery bank will consist of conventional marine type 8 pieces 200 AH batteries. Starter battery will be conventioal marine type, selected according to engines and gen-set requirement. Sufficient capacity of Victron or equivalent Battery Charger will be fitted for system of Sevice Batteries and Start Batteries.
Dimmer system will be used for ligting of accomodation spaces, and Led lights will be used for ceiling, curtesy and reading lights. All decorative lights and appliques will be owner choice and expenses.
Navigation Lights sizes and types will be suitable with COLREG requirements.

Sails and Rigging
As a general guidance, all sail handling gear to be manufactured by Admiral and mechanically operated where necessary. Where suitable Admiral products are not available, the Naval Architect will indicate alternativesuppliers.
Mechanic Furlers to be manufactured by Admiralor equivalent and to be fitted on Genoa, mizzen and stay sails.
The main and mizzen sheets will be on steel masts and booms.
The masts will be built of steel and manufactured by local mast manufacturer.
The spars will be painted requested colour, as directed by owner. Ropes will be Çekim Halat or equivalent.

Air Condition and Accomodation Ventilation
The vessel will be air-conditioned throughout with individual air condition system for each cabins will be fitted asMarinmar or Coolmar or equivalent. The heating of the vessel is to be performed by the same system as the air conditioning using warm ducted air controlled by the same individual thermostats in the accommodation spaces as for cooling.

Safety and Fire Protection
Engine room will be fitted with two automatic dry powder bottles.
The life saving arrangements will be supplied in compliance with the rule of the port of registration for this class of yachts, for a vessel with 12 or less passengers.
A suitable Liferaft will befitted.

Supply of taps and accessories will be:
• OwnerandGuest Artema, Kale orequal
• Crew Artema, Kale orequal

Typical accessories will be towel holder, soap dishes or dispensers, toilet paper, waste bin, mirrors and brush holder, will be owner's choice andexpenses.
Shower tray, bath tube, sinks, will be acrylic or porcelain Vitra orequivalents.

Galley Equipments
Galley will be lined in wood, lacquered or varnished according to interior designer'schoice

and counter top will be corian, it will include the following equipment:
-a kitchen tap
-a four burner electrical cooker
-an oven 60 cm
-a refrigerator and freezer
-a hood for exhaust of fumes
-a dish washing machine

The galley will be completed with shelves, drawers and cupboards.

Electronics , Navigation and Entertainment
The yacht will be fitted with the following equipment:
- Radar, GPS
- Depth and SpeedSystem,
- VHF,
-Magnetic compass

The wiring and fitting on board of the electronics will be included.

Awnings, Upholstery, Beds, Linens and Loose Furniture
Cushions for sunbathing and sitting places on deck will be made of high density foam and UV protected marine canvas fabric. All awnings, sail and winch covers will be made of UV protected marinecanvas.
Interior sitting places cushions and beds will be made of high density foam and Turkish brand fabrics.


Steel Hull Grade A ship building steel, shot blasted, shop primed with epoxy paint, NC cutting

Ballast Keel

Steel keel box, iron scraps inside
Sea Platform : Aluminium Skeleton and Hydraulic pomps
Interiors Spruce for structure of the cabin division
Marine grade plywood
Oak massive wood and veneer for panels, sole and furniture
Super Structure Marine grade plywood
African Mahogany for furniture
Deck Iroko Teak deck
Adhesive, Filler Polyurethane based marine adhesive
Epoxy resin
Elastic deck adhesive

Fixatures etc. Bolt, screw, nail, staples, sandpaper, insulation material in cabin panels (rock-wool)

Main Engine and Red. Gear 2 engines

Propulsion System Stainless steel shaft, water lubricated stern tube, aluminium bronze propellers
Rudder System Stainless steel rudder shaft, shaft tube and wood rudder blade
Steering System Hydraulic, Data , Hidromarin or equilavent
Gen-Set Two
Water maker One 200 lt/hour Arma
Fuel Filters Separ
Exhaust System Wet system

Various Pumps Fresh water, deckwash&fire, bilge, black water, pumps according to EC requests all EBARA, Feit and Jabsco, TMC,Rule
Hot Water tank

Piping & Plumbing Steel for Fuel, Galvanized Steel for Bilge, PPRC for water and PVC for black and gray water
Valves Ball valves Steel in various sizes
Fittings Same materials with pipes in needed types and sizes
Filler Caps Fuel and fresh water filler caps

Basic Electrical Equipment Cable, v-otomat, switch, relay, cable channel, panel etc.
Service Batteries Conventional Marine type 8 pcs. 12 volts 200 Ah, each
Starter Batteries Conventional marine type, as per manufacturer's recommendations
Battery Charger One Victron or equivalent
Redresor Included

Engine Room Ventilation 220V A.C. Suitable for engine room space.
Horn One Electrical
Navigation Lights Standart 24V navigational lights acc. to COLREG
Deck Illumination 6 pcs. spreader lights and waterproof lights
Engine Room Lightening Cargo ship type lightening for engine room and cargo area
Interior Illumination Led lights with dimmer system diameter of the lights will be 12 cm

Masts 2 of Steel masts, masts will be elliptical.
Eye & Chain Plates stainless steel
Rigging Screw and therminal Astainless steel
Wire Ropes 1x16 Stainless Steel
Sail Winches Mechanic winches total 2 x 66 ‘’ + 4 x 52’’
Furling Mechanic Admiral or equivalent
Cleats and shackles Stainless Steel

Ropes Various sizes and strength sheet and halyard ropes, made by Çekim Halat or equivalent

Depth & Speed
Radar, GPS

Anchor Windlass Hydraulic Hidromarin or Data Bronze
Anchors Two anchor 180 kg epoxy painted cast iron
Chain Two 16 mm, 120 meters each hot galvanised
Bollards & Fairleads 4+6 pieces Stainless Steel
Mooring and Warping Lines Total 200 meters , Çekim Halat Ropes
Fenders 8 cylindrical F7 size and 2 round A4
Gang-way Stainless Steel Mechanical
Boarding Ladder Stainless Steel Mechanical
Davit Satinless Steel Mechanical
Stanchions & Handrails Stainless steel stanchions & wire handrails
Windows Glass will be gluing over steel.
Portholes & Hatches Aluminium
PAINT & FILLER (High Gloss Standard)
Primer Epoxy based Paint System
Filler Epoxy based light weight filler (fairing compound)
Antifouling Included
Tank Coating Epoxy based Paint System
Top Coat Polyurethane based hi gloss paint system
Deck Caulking Sikaflex 290 DC
Varnish Polyurethane UV resistant hi gloss for outside, semi mat for inside

Interior Insulation Material Division bulkheads, sides, ceilings, cabin walls etc. Rock-wool
Engine Room Rock-wool, aquistic foam and perforated Aluminum Sheets

Dinghy & Outboard Owner Supply

Fire Fighting Automatic dry power bottles in Engine room, Dry powder bottles in interiors & sea water on deck
Life Buoys As requested by Port Authority
Life Jackets As requested by Port Authority
Life Raft As requested by Port Authority
Pyrotechnics As requested by Port Authority
Air-conditioner Coolmar
Refrigerator & Freezer Beko , Siemens or equivalent
Cooker Beko , Siemens or equivalent
Oven Beko , Siemens or equivalent
Dish Washer Beko , Siemens or equivalent
Plates, glass, fork, spoon, pot, etc.
Owner Supplied
Dishwasher machine Beko , Siemens or equivalent

Beds High Density Spring type
Sheets, pillows, blanket, etc Owner Supplied
Cushion High Density Foam and fabric
All Accessories Owner Supplied
Curtains and Table Clothes etc. Owner Supplied
Sunbathing Beds & Cushions

Furniture Fixatures

Toilets Sinks
Shower Basins Sink tables top Shower Cabins Sinks for Kitchen Kitchen Table Top Taps
Shower Taps Taps for Kitchen Deck Shower Tap


Logistic Insurance
Engineering Consultancy
Launching High density Foam rubber and UV protected marine canvas
UV protected marine canvas
Lock, handles etc. highest quality.

Home or marine type
Corean or Ceramic
Corean or Ceramic
Corian or equivalent
Acrylic or glass cabin
Stainless steel
Corian or equivalent
Artema, Kale or equivalent
Artema, Kale or equivalent
Artema, Kale or rquivalent

Shipping, transportation, courier not included .
Insurance during construction included .
Engineering service included

Reference Number0159
Asking Price370.000 Euros
Yacht Availabilityavailable
Length overall36.80 meters
Hull Material
Max Draft3.50
Base Port
Maximum Speed
Crew Cabins1
Guest Capacity10

Machinery & Electronics

Main Engines
Engine Hours
Power Generators
Fuel Capacity10000
Fresh Water7500

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