Akasia yachting is dedicated to serve the blue water industry as a leading Luxury Yacht Charter and management  company based in Fethiye, Turkey. Offering luxury yacht charter services with MYBA contracts plus traditional Turkish hospitality.
We invite you to join Gulet cruises and Luxury Yacht Charter with professional crew and utmost attention. yacht charter Turkey, Traditional Turkish Gulets or motoryacht are crewed luxury yacht charter options.
Meanwhile yacht building with high tensile steel, Marine grade Aluminium alloys, Composite GRP or Epoxy laminated Mahogany and seawater resistent 316L stainless materials are commonly used in Gulet and motoryacht construction or yacht refitting in our boatyard. Luxury Yacht Charter in Turkey

Luxury Yacht Charter

We are Committed to honest and professional Yacht Sales with numerous custom built and brand name poweryachts, custom made Motor Sailers such as Gulets and performance  Sailing yachts. For many years we are serving yacht owners in wintering maintanence and refitting operations as well as 24/7 technical services to yachting community in southwestern Turkey. Luxury yacht charter Turkey

Exclusive yacht management, Luxury yacht charter, yachts for sale and mega yacht building are what we do best here in Turkey, since we have a large luxury yacht portfolio of  Gulets for sale and motoryachts for sale. We also cater yacht crewing services for luxury yacht owners with qualified and referenced yacht Crew with MCA qualifications. Yacht Charter in Turkey Akasia yachting experienced brokers are ready, willing and able to serve you in yachts for Sale, Either a small dinghy or a and make sure that you and your loved ones enjoy an awesome Luxury Yacht Charter holiday with us.

Yacht Charter Turkey

To describe luxury yacht charter Turkey, Take plenty of sunshine and mix them throughly with chrystal clear waters of the mediterranean in all the colors of the green and blue from turquoise to emerald, add a little soft breeze, few shaded beaches with pine trees, some lonely coves and some some rugged coastlines, stir them with exotic islands and generously pour into lush green olive, fig and lemon trees,  Then serve with bright blue skies, romantic sunsets and enchanting starry nights..!

which is also known as Luxury Yacht Charter Turkey. How did you like it so far? well, if yes then how about a Yacht cruise called Luxury Yacht Charter Turkey on a luxury motoryacht or a Beautiful classic wooden gulet to offer you Luxury Yacht Charter Turkey. The intimacy between mediterranean sea and Anatolian nature, ancient civilizations of thousands years old classical arts and mythology creates exciting new adventures in your soul, Furthermore the exotic colors and smells.

This is a privileged Yacht charter Turkey, away from the daily routine, more refreshing than any other holiday concept you have experienced before, There is literally no better way to relax with your family or friends to share quality moments and feel what life is all about and experience Luxury.   Yacht Charter Turkey 


Yacht Charter Turkey


The taste of Luxury Gulet Charter Turkey the Turkish cuisine which happens to be one of the best in the world to make sure you enjoy the delicious food and exotic flavors accompanied with a glass of cappadocian wine or Turkish Raki ( lions milk ) and let the unforgettable moments take control during an unforgettable Yacht Charter  Turkey.

Yacht for sale

Akasia Yacht Sales network offers a large variety of Classical and Modern design Motoryachts, Gulets and Sailing yachts for each and every individual’s dream or budget. Complete new building or preowned motor Yachts and Gulets are being sold and delivered all around the world, mostly to, Croatia, Greece, Italy, France and Spain.

We are proud to be a part of international Yacht for Sale and brokerage network group of companies. Our Yacht for Sale portfolio brings you top of the line motoryachts, preowned Gulets or sailing yachts, either newly built or used superyachts. Shortly if you can describe the Yacht that you are dreaming of, we can either locate it as preowned Yacht or build it for you as your desired luxury Yacht Charter. Age of the hull, engines and generator’s actual working hours and maintanences are carried out.

Electrical systems and panel wiring, Yacht mechanical systems, Hydraulic windlasses, transfer pumps, Yachts propulsion systems, shell planking and materials used for construction are very important for the evaluation of any vessel. An expert should value the boat before buying or selling in order to find the best possible nominal value of such vessel.

Yacht for Sale Akasia yachting would be more than happy to help you get the right price for your boat, promoting in the international yacht and ship brokerage market or we can simply help you buy the best possible yacht to suit your needs and make sure your hard earned cash makes your dreams come true…!    Yacht for Sale


Luxury Yacht Charter


Our motto is ” we leave you in peace, not alone”

Yacht for Sale


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